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The DNA® Appliance Corrects Your Bite for Restful Sleep

Evening and Night time wear ONLY

The DNA appliance gives patients relief from sleep apnea without CPAP machines.

The emerging field of Epigenetic Orthodontics encourages the body to reposition teeth naturally by tapping into underlying genetic growth patterns. Unlike traditional orthodontic treatments, which rely on mechanical forces created by wires and tensioners to force teeth into position, Epigenetic Orthodontics uses a removable oral appliance that allows and encourages the body to gently correct the position of teeth in a more natural way. The device used in this process is Daytime-Nighttime Appliance™ or DNA appliance™.

The DNA Appliance is worn during the evening and night, and is designed to allow the body to gently correct the position of the teeth. The device has also been shown to correct and enlarge the shape of the jaw and mid-facial bones of adult patients, and to improve craniofacial health. It is this capability that can provide benefits for the treatment of OSA through non-surgical airway remodeling.

The DNA appliance consist of 3-D Axial springs that are specially made from Do-Not-Adjust wire or DNA wire which, as the names suggest, requires minimal or no post-fitting adjustment by the dental professional. The appliance serves two functions. A curved wire loop extension extends from the end of the palate towards the throat to cradle the back of the tongue during sleep to preventing it from closing up the pharynx.

While it is inserted, the DNA appliance also stimulates growth and development of the bone structure of the palate and the lower jaw. As these structures grow, the soft tissues of the pharynx will stretch out across the enlarged bony framework, creating a higher and wider opening of the pharynx that is less susceptible to constriction and closing.

Though the DNA appliance is relatively new to dental sleep medicine, it has already shown promising results for the treatment of OSA. A number of case studies have shown it to have mitigated or completely eliminated mild to moderate OSA symptoms, and it can also significantly reduce the frequency of apnea and hypopnea events in more severe cases.

DNA therapy for OSA is non-invasive, and most patients report that its use is painless and comfortable. And, because the device is also employed for orthodontic procedures, it may prove beneficial to the patient’s bite pattern and facial structure.

Dr. Spink is currently the only practitioner qualified to provide the DNA appliance in Alabama. He has undergone extensive training in the administration of this device, and has also become an early adopter of the system for his own personal sleep health. He is an enthusiastic advocate of the DNA appliance because it is the only oral appliance to date that doesn’t simply address the symptoms of OSA, but actually has the potential to permanently reduce or eliminate the condition.

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