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Real Patient Testimonials

"This Appliance has been wonderful. I wake up rested and feeling so much better. If my appliance could grow legs I would marry it. I’m so happy with the results. Spink Dentistry is now one of my BEST FRIENDS. Thanks!"

Linda S.

"I am seeing Dr.Spink for Oral Appliance Therapy and the results so far have been truly amazing. I felt that I began to breathe better from the first time I began using my DNA appliance for the treatment of sleep apnea. I had tried CPAP, but I was not able to use it for treatment. This therapy is changing the way I breathe from the inside out. My sleep apnea is improving as well as my overall energy and stamina. Thank you Dr. Spink!"

Elizabeth J.

"Wearing my new Oral Appliance has definitely improved the quality of my sleep. I no longer wake up gasping for air."

Lou Anne B.

"My experience with the DNA (Daytime-Nightime) Appliance can be summed up in one word FANTASTIC. About nine years ago I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, of course, I was given traditional CPAP machine, for eight plus years I struggled with different masks, head gear, pillows, etc trying to make it work, I never could get more than a few hours sleep with the CPAP. In December of 2013, I found out about Dr. Spink and the DNA Appliance, it changed my life overnight. First let me say my experience with Dr. Spink and his entire staff has been wonderful, you could not ask for a nicer group of people. In January, Dr. Spink took the measurements and had the device built. A couple weeks later I went back to pick it up, I took it home that night and really wondered if it would work. That night I had my first full night of sleep in a long time. It did take a couple weeks to get used to having the device in my mouth at night, but soon started to feel normal. Since then I have been back several times for checkups and I continue to tell Dr. Spink how well the DNA Appliance is working for me. I am dreaming again, and it has been many years since that happened. One more note, Dr. Spink’s office manager Beth is wonderful, she worked with me and my insurance company for well over six months to get me reimbursed for the appliance. To sum up I am very happy with the DNA Appliance and the care I have received from Dr. Spink and his staff."

Johnny W.

"For years, I have suffered with sleep apnea. Because I could not attain consistent and deep sleep, I often started my day tired. On the advice of a doctor, I tried the bed-side breathing machine, but after months of use, I simply could not adjust to the cumbersome device. Then my dentist and my friend – Dr. Bruce Spink- told me about DNA Appliance Therapy. After a short period of adjustment, I became accustomed and comfortable with the mouth piece, and now get a good night’s sleep regularly. And, because the device is also straightening my teeth I am getting two therapies for the price of one."

James L.

"Dr. Spink, I had been literally suffering with the CPAP machine, had to have it, but couldn’t stand it. I was wearing it 2 to 4 hours per night or not sleeping at all some nights. I had tried every style and brand of mask. I have been doing this for right at one year. Your dental mouthpiece has been a life saver. It was very easy to get use to and the small problem I had you adjusted and it is perfect. I sleep through the night with no issues or problems. This note doesn’t even come close to explaining how appreciative I am! You and your staff are fantastic. I am spreading the word."

Mike S.

"Since I began using my oral appliance, I can tell that the quality and quantity of my sleep has definitely improved. I’m no longer tired during the day and I’ve regained a mental edge that I haven’t felt in years on a consistent basis. I no longer am dependent on large volumes of coffee to keep me up and running throughout the day. Best of all, I no longer snore…a fact that my wife and family greatly appreciate! My oral appliance is custom made and Dr. Spink has gladly made several adjustments to it when necessary to ensure that it remains completely comfortable and effective. Dr Spink and his staff are always friendly, courteous, and professional. They always take the time and effort to make sure that their patients are completely satisfied. I highly recommend them!"

John E.

"It had been so long since I had a good night sleep. I didn’t know what it was like. After I visited SPINK DENTISTRY, my wife, my kids, and even my dogs are much happier. I feel better every day. No drowsiness or tossing at night. I got results the first night. I think it will help my blood pressure and other issues. It was a quick and easy process and the people were outstanding. Thank you."

Richard D.

"I have suffered from Sleep Apnea for many years and I have tried, without any success, to wear the three CPAP machines I have had during this time. It finally began to take its toll on me this year. I started “nodding off” trying to watch TV programs, at work, and driving. My doctors said there was nothing else for Sleep Apnea except the CPAP, but my sister saw Dr. Spink on TV and called me with the phone number and I am so much better wearing my mouthpiece now. The snoring is almost gone. I have more energy and I am not falling asleep at inopportune times. I recommend this product highly. And I love Dr. Spink and his staff."

Kathryn B.


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