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A Take-home Sleep Test to Improve Your OSA Treatment

The WatchPAT™sleep testDr. Bruce Spink uses the WatchPAT™ to monitor the success of patients' sleep apnea treatments. The WatchPAT™ can be used in conjunction with polysomnography conducted at a sleep apnea testing center. The WatchPAT™ measures oxygen saturation, breathing interruptions, and other factors relating to sleep apnea. Dr. Spink can adjust patients’ oral appliances or recommend an alternative treatment, according to the results of the WatchPAT™. To learn more about this convenient take-home sleep test, contact our Birmingham, AL, practice today.

How the WatchPATTM Sleep Test Works

The WatchPATTM monitor is a small device that attaches to your wrist and finger. Tiny probes connected to the monitor will register changes in your autonomic nervous system. Using this technology, the WatchPATTM test can measure several factors that affect quality of sleep:

  • Oxygen saturation
  • Respiratory Disturbance Index (RDI)
  • Actual amount of sleep time
  • Sleep state
  • Body position while sleeping

Many experts agree that this non-invasive monitor is the most convenient and accurate test of its kind. However, Dr. Spink may also use the WatchPATTM test in conjunction with a lab sleep test, or polysomnography, to obtain even more precise measurements.

Improving Your Treatment with the WatchPAT™ Test

If the WatchPATTM test indicates that you are not experiencing marked improvement, Dr. Spink can adjust your care or recommend another option. For example, if the test indicates that you only have a slight improvement in your RDI, or sleep time, he may adjust your oral appliance to further open your airway. When necessary, he may refer you to a surgeon or a CPAP provider for more aggressive treatment. When Dr. Spink collaborates with a specialist, he will continue to monitor your progress. With this ongoing care, he can improve your long-term health and quality of life.

The Benefits of the WatchPATTM Test

WatchPATTM can greatly improve your sleep apnea treatment in a number of ways:

  • WatchPATTM monitors your sleep in your home environment. By administering the test in the place where you actually sleep on a nightly basis, the device can obtain more accurate results.
  • The monitor is comfortable and non-disruptive. Unlike other sleep tests, it does not involve uncomfortable tubes or wires.
  • WatchPATTM is easy to administer yourself.
  • The device has a 1% failure rate, making it the most reliable take-home sleep test on the market.
  • With this test, Dr. Spink can provide more personalized and effective care. He can continue making adjustments in your treatment until your symptoms have subsided to a degree that no longer negatively affects your health, and you are consistently enjoying a good night’s sleep.

Contact Dr. Spink’s Office Today

Dr. Spink is passionate about helping patients overcome the debilitating effects of sleep apnea, and avoiding the very serious health complications that can occur without proper treatment. In fact, Dr. Spink is a sleep apnea patient himself, and benefits from the same treatments he administers to his patients. If you are suffering with symptoms of sleep apnea, contact our office today to schedule a consultation. We will use advanced tools like the WatchPAT™device to ensure that your prescribed treatment is providing the best possible benefits.

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