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Snoring Treatment Allows You to Rest Peacefully


Snoring is a common problem for many adults. It’s estimated that half of all adults snore at least occasionally, and 25 percent are habitual snorers.

The sound we associate with snoring are caused by the force of moving air as it passes through a narrowed throat opening. Each time you inhale, air travels through your nose and mouth, down the throat, through the windpipe and into your lungs. The narrowest portion of this air pathway is at the back of your throat, where the soft palate and uvula are located. During the day, when you are awake, the throat muscles hold that airway in an open position. During sleep those same muscles tend to relax, causing the airway to narrow.

It takes more force to move air through this narrowed opening, and as the air is moved with greater force, it may cause the soft pallet to vibrate and create the sound known as snoring. Anything that causes a narrowing of the airway may lead to or worsen snoring. Nasal congestion caused by colds or an allergy can cause a partial blockage that leads to snoring, as can sleeping on one’s back, which moves causes gravity to move the throat into a more closed position. Muscle relaxants such as medications or alcohol may cause or amplify snoring.

When snoring becomes more pronounced, it can lead to hypopnea, which can cause a drop in blood oxygen levels, and lead to sleep interruptions in the form of arousal events. Loud and irregular snoring may also be a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea, a debilitating condition that should not be ignored.

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